Is It Worth It To Get an Arizona DUI Attorney?

Reviewing the Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney

Our Arizona Zero Down DUI Attorneys discuss the pros and cons of hiring a DUI Lawyer in Arizona. If you are interested in more information, please contact us today for a free case evaluation. Don’t mess around with your freedom, if charged with a DUI or Drug DUI in Arizona, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer today and find out your options.

How Does Having an Experienced DUI Lawyer Impact a Case?

The process of dealing with a DUI is stressful and complicated. An attorney who has the time will be able to tell you when to prepare yourself and when to not worry during a case. Experienced Arizona DUI attorneys have no problem being persistent and assertive in obtaining a plea deal from prosecution. DUI penalties can range, and an attorney can either argue for the low end of the range or have your charges reduced or even dropped.

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People Represented by an Experienced DUI Attorney

Defendants represented by a private DUI attorney see the best case results overall. They see the lowest conviction rates, and the highest rates of charges being reduced through plea bargains. A reckless driving charge will have far less of a negative impact on your life than a DUI. Most private Arizona DUI attorneys cost between $4,000 and $8,000.

People Represented by a Public Defender in a DUI Case.

People who are represented by a public defender see about equal rates of their charges being dismissed compared to people who hire a private attorney. The rates for plea bargaining to a lesser charge and winning at trial are lower for a public defender than a private attorney, but higher than self-represented defendants. Public defenders have to handle what can sometimes be an overwhelming case load, and may not have time to aggressively negotiate for lesser charges like a private attorney would.

Hiring a public defender will be free, but the court may later order you to repay the county a reasonable fee for legal services if your financial situation allows. These fees can be $800 or more for those the court deems able to afford it.

People Not Represented by an Attorney.

People unrepresented by an attorney actually see the highest rates of their cases being dismissed or never filed, but this may be effect more than cause. If someone has been informed there have been errors in their case and the charges will be dropped, they might not bother hiring either type of attorney. Self-represented defendants see the lowest rates of plea bargaining and the highest conviction rates.

How Does Having an Attorney Affect the Cost of a DUI?

While hiring an attorney may cost you more up front, a favorable plea deal can save you much more money long term. For example, your attorney may be able to negotiate high risk insurance coverage out of your plea deal, which could save you more than $4,500 if you were ordered to the full three years of coverage.

A major consequence of a DUI conviction in Arizona is that you will be facing months or even years of license suspension, revocation, and restriction. How are you going to get to work if your license is suspended? How will you get your kids to school? How much extra time out of your day will be spent on public transportation? Will you be able to afford high risk insurance coverage on top of normal car ownership costs after paying the rest of your DUI expenses? A plea deal may get you your license back sooner, and have you driving with restrictions for a shorter period of time.

What Should You Expect for Costs in an Arizona DUI?

While hiring an attorney may sound expensive, the costs of conviction at the highest possible charge are usually worse. You can expect a few thousand in fines and assessments after a DUI in Arizona, but these aren’t the only costs to keep in mind:

SR-22 Insurance: This is high-risk insurance that you may be required to maintain for up to 3 years after a DUI. Most drivers see an increase of around $1,500 per year when switching to SR-22 coverage.

Defensive Driving School: You will be required to take an alcohol screening and complete driving school after a DUI. The total fees will depend on the number of hours you are ordered to take, but you can expect to spend at least a few hundred here.

Interlock Device: You will need to have this device installed in your ignition for 6 months or more after a DUI. You may need to pay an installation fee, and can expect a monthly fee of about $80-$150.

Time off work: You will need days off work to attend hearings, serve jail time, complete community service, and more. This is all assuming your employer doesn’t fire you for getting a DUI.

Travel costs (out of state): If you were visiting Arizona when you received your DUI, you will need to pay your own travel costs to come back and handle your legal situation.

Vehicle Impound: If you are arrested for Extreme DUI, Super Extreme DUI, or Aggravated DUI in Arizona, your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days. You will need to pay a $150 administration fee to get it back, as well as storage fees of $15 per day. This amounts to $600, plus any costs you incurred from not having your car for a month.

Miscellaneous costs: While they will seem small at first, random fees for parking at the courthouse, administrative fees at the MVD to get your license back, etc., will start to add up.

What Can an Experienced DUI Attorney in Arizona Really Do?

An experienced Arizona DUI Attorney can guide you through all of the stages of the DUI process, like talking to police, negotiating a plea deal, attending hearings, and even taking your case to trial if necessary. Public defenders often have a massive caseload, and DUI is usually the area assigned to brand new public defenders. Your public defender likely won’t be available for many calls or meetings to discuss your case. You may even end up paying a considerable amount for your court-appointed attorney.

Hiring a private attorney who negotiates you a great plea deal can cost you less in the long run and give you a sense of security throughout the process. If you have a valid defense in your case, a private attorney can competently defend you at trial. The consequences of a DUI conviction are too severe to not at least consult with a private attorney. That’s why My AZ Lawyers offers free initial consultations to evaluate your case and inform you of results we have achieved for clients in similar situations. You will also receive a competitive quote for legal services. Don’t leave your fate up to chance after a DUI arrest- call Arizona Zero Down DUI Attorneys and schedule your free consultation today!

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