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Our experienced Arizona criminal defense attorneys aren’t working on our own. We are also staffed by paralegals and assistants who are well-versed in local criminal procedures. That gives us the availability to give your case the time and attention it deserves, whether you’ve been charged with a petty offense or a major felony. Our seasoned attorneys hand-select cases and negotiate favorable plea deals, and take cases all the way to trial if appropriate. We want you to achieve the best possible outcome with the given facts.


When you’ve been charged with a crime in Maricopa County, there are probably several uncertainties in your future. If you’re worried about jail time, you’re probably also worried about who is going to take care of your family, if you are going to lose your job, and more. Or maybe you’re on this webpage because someone you love is in jail with criminal charges currently. You should know that you have the right to your own choice of criminal defense attorney, and aren’t just limited to the public defender assigned to your case by the court. It may give you more peace of mind during the process to hire a skilled private defense attorney that you can trust. You deserve an attorney with the relevant knowledge and experience for whichever combination of charges you face.


Criminal Defense Lawyer Near You

When requesting an attorney, be clear with your wording. “I need an attorney” invokes your right more clearly than “I might need to speak to an attorney.” You can use your phone call from jail to contact a criminal defense attorney, or someone to consult with criminal defense attorneys on your behalf. The sooner you bring in legal counsel, the less chance there will be that you will say the wrong things or make other mistakes that could jeopardize your defense case.

What Should I Do After Being Placed Under Arrest in Arizona?

If the police have a warrant for your arrest, or probable cause to believe you committed a crime, you can be placed under arrest. Once this has happened, you should be careful with your actions. Resisting arrest and physically attacking the police officer will result in additional charges against you. Instead, you should try to be peaceful and cooperative with the police. Listen in detail if you aren’t familiar with or need a refresher on your Miranda rights.

The first Miranda right that will be read to you is your right to remain silent. Don’t ever forget that you are constitutionally protected from incriminating yourself. The only information you are required to give the police by law at the initial phase is your legal name. You should wait until you have an attorney present before you answer any further questions.


We know that hiring a criminal defense attorney can be a significant cost, so we want to make sure that when you sign a retainer agreement with us, you feel confident that we are the right fit for you. Your initial consultation is 100% free of charge. Call 480-833-8000 to begin formulating your defense today.

It’s undeniable that a felony comes with far more serious consequences than a misdemeanor. However, you can still spend several months in jail if convicted of a misdemeanor in Arizona. A misdemeanor conviction will remain on the record for the rest of your life, unless you succeed in the expensive and complicated expungement process.


After being processed into jail, you should appear before a judge or judge magistrate within 24 hours. This is your arraignment. You are allowed to have an attorney representing you at your arraignment. You will then need to enter a plea to the charges against you. You may or may not have the opportunity to post bond so that you can prepare for your trial from home.


When charges involve jail time, you are constitutionally entitled to a court-appointed public defender. There are definitely brilliant public defenders out there, but their job is famous for long hours, low pay, and few resources. When you interview private defense attorneys, you can get a feel for whether they have the support staff and relevant experience to defend your case. Check to see whether they charge a fee or offer free consultations when scheduling.


Prison or jail time isn’t the only thing on the line if you’re convicted of a crime. You could also be ordered to pay various fines and fees, and may even have to reimburse the county for your public defender. You might need to complete courses like alcohol abuse classes or anger management classes. It is also common for judges to order convicted criminals to complete community service. Your conviction will remain on your criminal record, and cut put your employment at jeopardy.


Many of Arizona’s criminal laws are particularly strict. Judges will have sentencing guidelines based on your conviction(s), and could order penalties on the stricter end of that spectrum. Without the proper defense strategy, you could be at the mercy of the prosecution. You need to decide how you are going to proceed within a fairly limited time frame.



Once you retain your defense lawyer, they should begin further investigation into your case’s details. Not everything that the police are accusing you of may be true. Your lawyer can interview witnesses and analyze physical evidence to see what will stick in court. This kind of preparedness can potentially convince the prosecutors to reduce charges or offer a favorable plea deal. Your lawyer should also be familiar with local prosecution tactics, so that you can have a reasonable estimate of what they will be pursuing in advance of any hearings or appearances before the judge. That way, you can know if it is better for you to accept a plea bargain or take your case to trial.

Negotiating with prosecutors without a formidable defense attorney’s representation can be tricky. And if you escalate your case to trial, it will only get more complicated from there. Everyone deserves adequate legal representation when their liberty is in jeopardy. A great defense attorney will reduce the amount of stress you feel throughout the whole process. Make sure you consult with private defense attorneys of your choosing so that you can be confident in your choice in a legal representative.


Arizona Criminal Defense Attorneys with Experience and Great Prices

When requesting an attorney, be clear with your wording. “I need an attorney” invokes your right more clearly than “I might need to speak to an attorney.” You can use your phone call from jail to contact a criminal defense attorney, or someone to consult with criminal defense and DUI attorneys on your behalf. The sooner you bring in legal counsel, the less chance there will be that you will say the wrong things or make other mistakes that could jeopardize your defense case.


By definition, in Arizona, a felony is an offense that is punishable by a jail sentence of one year or more. Being convicted of a felony also means that you will lose some of your rights as a U.S. citizen. These include running for public office, voting in elections, and owning a firearm. You may also be released on probation, meaning that you will have to check in with an officer and follow strict rules for potentially several years after serving your time, and any violations can land you straight back in prison. The felony conviction will remain a black mark on your permanent record that can make it difficult to find housing, employment, and more. An arrest for felony charges in Arizona has the potential to reduce your quality of life, for the rest of your life. You should immediately begin working on a defense strategy when you have been charged with a felony in Arizona.


If you are charged with a misdemeanor in Arizona, you could be facing up to 6 months in jail. This is often accompanied by fines, probation, court-ordered classes, community service, and more. While a misdemeanor won’t reduce your rights like a felony conviction, it will still be on your permanent criminal record and show up whenever anyone runs a background check on you. Misdemeanor cases are heard in municipal or justice courts. City police arrests usually are held in a municipal or city court, while DPS arrests are usually heard in a Maricopa County Justice Court. When you are arrested for a misdemeanor in Arizona, you should be provided with paperwork that includes a date, time, and address for you to appear in court. Your attorney can appear with you at this hearing to make sure that all the actions you take there are in your best interests.


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If you’re facing criminal charges, you probably have a lot of questions about what’s to come. Our experienced Arizona defense lawyers can consult with you, or a loved one on your behalf, about the charges you face. We will make sure you are prepared for your next in the process, and if you decide to retain our firm, we will continue to do so throughout your case. Our attorneys offer low-budget rates with payment plan options to make high quality legal representation more affordable. To learn more, call to schedule your free consultation at 480-833-8000.

Nothing can ease the strain of being arrested and facing criminal charges like the representation of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Even if your case bears many similarities to those before it, there may be unique strategies that our lawyers can utilize to reduce the impact criminal charges have on your life. Your attorney could be the difference between a significant amount of jail time and a plea deal that lets you walk free, or community service instead of fines that would set you and your family back financially for years to come. Our Arizona private defenders will give your case the special time and attention it deserves so that you can have the best possible outcome.

Traits to Seek Out in a Defense Attorney

Whether you retain a public defender or a private defense lawyer, there are certain things you should be looking for in a legal advocate. Combined with the right facts, an attorney with the right skillset could get you a lighter sentence or even an acquittal. Some characteristics you should look for include:

– Real life experience working with clients in situations like yours

– Specific knowledge about your case, including further education

– A good reputation with clients, judges, prosecutors, and more

– Adequate office staff and resources to ensure prompt communication

– Someone that is trustworthy and gives you a comfortable feeling

– Pricing options that you can afford